Pre Holiday Kitchen Styling Edit

As promised here are a few styling tips to de-clutter your kitchen, before family and friends arrive for the holidays.

Time to take an honest look at your kitchen clutter, and get rid of that ugly mess!

Step back and take it all in, ask your self these 5 questions.

1. Do I have more than 3 appliances on the counter?
if you answered yes, how many of these appliances do you really use? REALLY!?
The Fix: put away the ones you do not use everyday, or you can always get rid of them and donate to your favorite charity. you should not have more than 3 appliances
on the counter.
appliances include some of the following : coffee pot, toaster, microwave, kitchenaid mixer, or blender.
if your toaster is over 10 years old, time for a new model people!

2.Do I have boxes and packaged goods lying on the counter? ie bread, cereal, cookies, cakes, chips.
if you answered yes
The Fix: put all cardboard boxes and packaged food in the pantry or a closed attractive container, ie a bread box, or basket.

3.Do I have an unsightly cutting board on the counter?
if the answer is yes
The Fix: if the cutting board is wooden and over 3 years old, toss it and buy a new plastic/rubber one and put it in a drawer, not on the counter!

4. Do I have more that 3 types of soap at the sink with an old dish rag or sponge rounding out the group? My pet peeve by the way!
if you answered yes
The Fix: buy cool brand of dish soap, like Mrs. Meyers, ( Target has a range of really pretty package dish soap as well) and a new sponge, place all these elements in a pretty simple ceramic dish, or small ceramic or metal tray ( I know you have one lying around somewhere) The dish/tray contains everything and makes a nice inviting display at your sink. This is a cool styling trick. + this looks nice so it will make you happy, not to mention making the kitchen sink area look nice.

5. Do you have all your cooking utensils in one container, along with cooking oils and salt and pepper.
If you answered no
The Fix: put together cooking utensils you use everyday. Place all of them in a wide lip vase, preferably ceramic, not glass ( you can buy these containers from kitchen supply stores like I like to have my oils and salt and pepper next to this container at or near the cooktop for function purposes+ it looks nice neat and contained and adds to the "put together" look of your de-cluttered kitchen

These are all the things I do when I enter a home to make it camera ready for a magazine. You can style and edit your kitchen just like I do for the pages of a magazine + it takes very little time!

If you have followed these 5 simple steps, your counters should be clean and your kitchen should be much improved, both in look and function.

Now to polish the look, grab an oversized bowl or basket and buy 16-20 red apples, depending on the size of the bowl, you want it to overflow! and place them in the bowl on the counter. I love using a BIG of fruit bowl on the counter to draw the eye and add life to the kitchen setting, especially during the holidays, when you have guests.

You can also place this oversized bowl on your kitchen table or on the kitchen island.
Just make sure that the fruit is beautiful and fresh. Keeping it all the same makes a graphic clean statement. Oh and eat the apples along with your guests, so you can replenish your display weekly, and keep it fresh.

It is healthy for you and looks wonderful and oh so chic.

Let me know how the kitchen edit goes. If you want to look at my kitchen, log on to my website look at Atlanta Magazines Home Fall 2007 #2, and see my kitchen. Yes my fridge looks like this all the time, and yes I have kids, it can be done :-) no fear!

Next time tips to tackle the pantry clutter!

Your pantry will look like the pages of a magazine and inspire you to use it! Happy Editing!