Holiday Fruit + Flowers

During the Holiday Season, I love to decorate with fresh is my signature + my style has always leaned towards the classics. I am always driven to make each floral statement something that an Italian master painter would want to paint.

When thinking in terms of flowers...don't forget the power of fruit. Never dated, always pleasing. During the holidays our family receives many fruit baskets as gifts. I always like to incorporate these gorgeous eatable objects into my holiday centerpiece.

Remember don't forget the fruit hanging around the house it could be your next table top masterpiece. Even putting a large bowl of oranges with open red roses and green evergreen sprays + a little gold ribbon and voila!! it can make your table shine for your holiday feast with family and friends.

A few tips:

1. Use beautiful and fresh fruit.
2. Cut something in half like a pomegranate!
3. Use open flowers like red roses.
4. Place your arrangement in a soup tureen , or other unexpected classically inspired vessel.