Today's a Great Day For America! ( look for paired down elegant style)

As Barack Obama takes his place as the 44th President of the United States, the television is a buzz with breaking inauguration news. Moreover, I am struck that the new first lady's style is discussed at length.

Not only "what will the world be like under the Obama administration?" But what kind of paired down, elegant, and common sense style the first lady will bring to the Whitehouse?

As we enter and new and hopefully improved era. I am taking an opportunity to evaluate my own style and retool it to embrace a more sensibly driven era.

With the broken economy I will make an effort to take a more paired down design approach. I think that the "bling" generation will take a break. (Thank God!) And as hopeful as I am about a new American point of view, that is how hopeful I am that design will take a simpler and more eco-friendly and carefully weighed approach.

I think the age of more is more, might be put on the shelf for awhile.(What a relief!) While I weigh my own buying options for my styling and design assignments, I hope you will have a look around and design with form and function, ecology and economy, in mind.

Getting back to basics might be just what our country needs on every front.

Just like the hopes of our nation may all of us look to peace, good sense in our daily life and of course in our design schemes at home.

God Bless America!