Beads to Success- The Story of Monkey Biz...

In the middle of the economic crisis in America, it is easy to become depressed, even feel sorry for yourself...

So when my friend invited me to a gathering last night I must admit I really was not sure that I was feeling all that charitable.

One of the hostesses introduced the organization, then we viewed a documentary about the art community in Africa, formed by a visionary women named Barbara Jackson. Jackson an artist herself, had the idea to start a business for the impoverished women of this community.

With HIV rampant and malnutrition an on going challenge, Barbara, took it upon herself to train and empower the women of this community and create a self reliant village of artists + a thriving art business for them.

Inspiring and uplifted, I realized that the state of the nation, was nothing compared to the daily challenges these woman and their families faced.

Please take the time to view the website to learn more about Monkey Biz

Take a moment to view the documentary as well. Bigger than Barbie

These art pieces are one of a kind and signed. As a stylist, I think that they make a great accessory piece for your home, and a better conversation piece.

The impact on a woman's life far away can drive a very important message close to home.
The human spirit is bigger than any challenge.

Beads to success, are the baby steps to a brighter future. Let's take a lesson from these women, and count our blessings.