Photographers Making a Difference.

As you know I work with photographers on a daily basis. Most of them (not that I like to generalize) are very passionate about their art. Much like myself they all are moved by beauty, sometimes beauty in everyday objects that are exquisitely captured in one simple click of the camera.

2 of my favorite photographers, are a married couple ( I work with several married photographers, I find that amazing in itself, although I love my husband not sure I could create with him, other than creating our children together, that's about it)

This married couple known as Anthony~ Masterson, Pretty confusing at first because everyone thinks that Anthony Masterson is a person,( I did until I met them) it is the combination of their last names~ to clarify Owen Masterson and Christine (Anthony) Masterson.

They are very talented photographers, I enjoy them on our photo shoots, and we always eat well with them seeing as Christine is a chef/food stylist. Food is our common denominator, even though we love making pretty pictures together, we really love to talk about FOOD.

Here's where their true passion comes in. Christine and Owen have taken it upon themselves to work on projects involving farmers. Not all farmers, but organic farmers and young farmers.
According to Owen and Christine , it seems young people are not that interested in farming these days. This is a silent crisis that they are shining a light on. Since we all need food to survive, they feel it should not be so silent!

Who grows your food? is a short film available to view on their blog~it is really great! You can see the food styling magic of Christine and the photographic skill of Owen as well, check it out!

As I have said before, I am always inspired and honored to work with exceptional photographers
I feel blessed to be surrounded by beauty and people who enjoy it as much as I do.
But having a mission as Christine and Owen do, and using their talent to highlight the subject really makes me feel lucky to know foodie folks like them. Hats off C+O!