Too many hats too little time....

Lesley our model did a superb job, Lauren and Jay hard at work~
The China set ~I love the casual styling of this set~

Natalie, Lauren, and I with Lesley and Matilda on the set of France~

For the last 2 weeks Nat and I worked on a gift/cookbook , it features tea + recipes from all over the world. We started things off with 5 days of prop shopping we literally felt like we drove all over the world...renting objects from all over town..the mad shop romp yielded a fantastic array of goodies for the picking.

We then hauled and unloaded our world of props into a house we rented as our location, yes what a glamorous job! For this shoot , I wore too many hats, Art Director, Food and Prop Stylist + made sure all were fed and plied with espresso drinks at all times.

Our crack creative team covered the world in only 5 days of shooting! With hundreds of images, the publisher will have a tons of gorgeousness to pick from.

Lauren Rubinstein was shooting at a frenzied pace with her fantastic ipod play~list blaring.
She did not miss a beat, and seemed genuinely happy to be working at such break neck speed!
Man she is good!

While I cooked and prepped food. Natalie wildly unpacked, pressed, pinned, clamped + dealt with our darling~gorgeous talent, (thank you~ Sam-Kenya,Lisa-England, John-Morocco, Lesley, Matilda-France, Jimmy, Peary,and Victoria-China), addressing their wardrobe needs + helping me pick plates , bowls and cups with cool calm and collected grace. She then packed everything back up again with precision and speed.

Thanks to the help of this great group of models/ friends the "international people element" of the book shoot went swimmingly. All of them were pros so thank you + you all looked gorgeous!

This book should hit the book stores Jan 2010, I will keep you posted~ in the meantime, here are a few teasers and some behind the scenes of the creative team.

Lauren, Jay and Natalie and I are on to the next cookbook project end of this month~ something new exciting and incredibly innovative. A cookbook no one has ever seen before, beyond description! I can't believe I am working on it quite frankly.

As you can tell I am extremely excited to share the contents of this cookbook~ Stay tuned ~ as we have much more time with this one, so it may take awhile to unveil, but it will be worth the me.