Scott's Antiques Market~ Oh Joy!

these industrial galvanized containers are perfect for trash, bought one for myself for the guest bathroom~ so cool and so perfect!
Heavenly Junk!

anyone will tell you I have a sick obsession with pillows

Today ~ was the best day this week! I did my all time favorite activity! Yes, shopping...but the best kind of shopping invented ever! Digging+ gathering and hunting and Scott's!

Scott's is always fun, but when I am on a mission it is the best day ever...

At this moment in time I am busy prop styling this really incredible cookbook ~ more on that down the road... I was on a mission to find the most amazing props, and I hit it big! I also managed to find a few neat things for myself.

Poor Natalie , was exhausted and glazed and the end of it all...granted she is new at this + not in tip top "dig through the entire bloody flea market" shape...but she is getting there~ check out these photos of me in my natural habitat.

So happy! So contented! So natural!