St Tropez~ and its many treasures ~

As you all know we have recently finished our flat on the Italian Riviera so off we went to enjoy it! + (it was our anniversay what a great way to celebrate)~ The very cool thing about being there, is that the French Riviera is just hours away~ we try to take full advantage of this when we are able to.

The Cannes film festival was just beginning so our flight was filled with producers, directors, actors, and wanna be film makers, always an interesting mix and great people watching.

After a few days in Alassio, Italy at our flat to acclimate and de~jet lag, we were off to meet our friends in St. Tropez. We stayed in a charming small hotel in the middle of a vineyard.
beautiful. Sitting in the vineyard for breakfast was really surreal and gorgeous.

Trolling St. Tropez is always so much fun. Shopping there makes me happy, as everything is light and bright and sophisticated.

We went to a market in the middle of a small village just outside of St. Tropez, it was breath taking , the roses were in full bloom,with blooms the size of your head... it was a spring flower fantasy and the handmade food products on display begged to be tasted and of course we took our gourmet loot back to our place in Italy to enjoy with glasses of wine taking in the sea view.

I can hardly wait to get back and spend more time at our place, stay tuned for more stylist adventures in Italy as I will be there for 6 weeks starting end of June~ Ciao!