Behind the scenes + I "Twitter".....for just one day. Thanks Jeff.

Me always messing with the flowers~ making it all picture perfect

Rachel and Natalie making it all pretty

Not sure what Travis is doing?
But making himself somewhat helpful

Jeff checks out the latest images on the monitor

Rachel our intern carries gorgeous peonies.

We styled a very pretty project by Beverly Baribault one of my personal favs..her industrial textural style speaks to me. I always look forward to working on her homes. The shoot was for Remodel Magazine.
(Check out our work for her in this July's Renovation Style~)

We had a new intern with us, Rachel. Whenever we have a "new" person come along, there is always a certain amount of uncertainty. But Rachel hung in there trying to keep up with our crazy crew, + trying to blend as best she could. She blended and did a great job.

We shot with the crack photographic team of Jeff Herr, and Travis Dorn.
Travis is always amusing as he has a comedy troupe with his brothers (Dornstar TV, check it out) Jeff is amusing, but for other reasons...
He talked me into joining twitter while we were waiting for the homeowner to arrive, and I tweeted for exactly one day...sorry but I thought it was a total waste of time....I may not get the appeal...but I still trust Jeff's judgement (artistically that is)Twitter is kind of Stalker~ish, I mean get a life people!

Speaking of voyeristic, have a look at us all hard at work, last week as we styled up this pretty remodel...