Life's a Drag~

Ru Paul

Natalie and Sam

Before I leave for sunny Italy + the Greek Islands, I took in a show with Natalie and our friend Sam~ Natalie has a suddenly become intrigued with drag queens? ( that is since, one night last week she and her friends wandered into a bar, for a drink and got much more than they bargained for)~ a full on Hotlanta Drag I have been around a few drag queens in my day~ but Natalie being the little fashionista was beyond fascinated with wardrobe, makeup and attention to detail.

SO when Ru Paul was appearing at one of our local establishments, Natalie insisted that we all go see the show.

SO we DID....Ru was great, although a little rougher around the edges these days... Super fun night!

Here are a few photos the very enthusiastic Natalie took~ enjoy, and ciao for now.