why we do what we do~ styling

Everyday Natalie and I do our job, and everyday we love it more~ where else can you visit with such creative folks day after day~ where else can you drink espresso and talk about food and cool stuff~ where else can you find solace in the fact that you are not the only person on the planet that loves cool stuff~ being a stylist is the most satisfying work~ in these days we have slowed down a bit ~ magazines are struggling and folding~ advertising dollars are nearly nil...but we will keep on styling and propping and shopping until the days of plenty return. We are most thankful for our work although much less hectic now, it gives us all the time to reinvent and refresh + reboot.

Our latest photo shoot (which is pictured here) was slower paced it allowed us time to breathe and collaborate in the way I think it was meant to be. Maybe slowing down ain't so bad after all...

Behind the scenes with Lauren and Jay and Susan and of course Natalie as always