From the Boys of Mykonos to "My Boys in Italy"!

My favorite Yacht Club, Portofino Yacht Club, " Yacht Club Italiano"
On the Boat to Portofino, My son Levi and I.
Fort view from atop Santa Margherita
The view in SM and the water polo field.(roped off area) When arrived back from Portofino, we saw the teams playing!
We had a great treat at a local pastry shop, beautiful and delicious.

The Boys, Shawn, Jake and Levi! They are great fun, very entertaining!

As you all know by now, I have been spending the summer in Italy.

Frank and I made a trip to visit friends in Mykonos, and spent time together in Italy as well.

But to date the most fun has been having my son Levi here with his 2 best friends Jake and Shawn. The are having a wonderful time. We are seeing the sites and spending time together at the beach.

Couple days ago we went to Santa Margherita and Portofino for the day.
The drive down was fun! ( about 1.1/5 hours from our place) The boys decided to buy a Michael Jackson CD at the Autogrill, and we sang all the way down, pretty cute!

Santa Margherita, is a really sweet town next door to Portofino, our family spent months there one summer. So we remember it well. There was a great little flea market in town, so of course I had to take a look, the boys were patient and actually interested in a few items themselves.* In the summer last Sunday of every month there is a flea market in town, most towns in Italy observe this, Amazon offers a great little book on the subject, check it out.

We had a great little treat at a local pastry shop, beautiful and delicious. We took a boat ride to Portofino from SM, and the views were spectacular.

The yachts in the harbor always take your breath away and that day was no exception. The boys loved the ride and loved Portofino as much as I did.

Off to Monaco today, their choice, I will get a little shopping in as well in Menton. Stay tuned for more adventures with the boys!