My new calling~ A Go-Go Dancing Judge!

This is me with Alex the cute and preppy winner of the go-go contest!
Matthew and I before the contest...
he is a pro so he was hired to inspire the crowd, and he did by golly!

I found that judging is hard work but very rewarding,
now I know how Paula Abdul feels.

I kept thinking, "that's my dentist, damn!"

Adonis oversees the contest,
making sure everyone gets a fair "shake"

Okay so Mykonos was super fun,we all get that, but one thing that was a surprise on this trip was I found a new calling! I judged a Go-Go Dancing competition, and I think I found my new life's work!

The bar that our friend Adonis runs, had a amateur "Go-Go Dancer Competition" and I was asked to judge. I hesitated at first, not my area of expertise, cooking, decorating , maybe even craft projects, but hot men taking their clothes off, what do I know about that?

Turns out I was great at it once I got my feet wet. The guy that won, was my first choice, a preppy guy named Alex, from Switzerland.
I was pleased and thrilled. Just like a proud Mama.

So have a peek into my new world, the world of ...
"A Go-Go"....btw my dentist, Jerry came in second place!
(yep my dentist)

The real Go-Go pro was a guy named Matthew, really sweet, and a shy? man.
He actually is a tailor in real life...when he not taking his clothes off, he is putting them on his clients. Ha.