Mykonos is a Drag~

Frank and friend, actually this guy is a very famous drag queen from Belgium, I love to see the Drag Queens as men, this is before.....and
Yep! this is him after, doing his "Lion King" numba...
Mellie Magic, Drag extrodinaire!
He is actually a gorgeous guy out of drag,
just hard to get a photo...Mellie is great!

As a real woman I pale by comparision.
Jerry and his fine feathered friend

Okay , so we already know that Mykonos is the party island, it has great food, beautiful beaches, but what would Mykonos be without "drag queens". Known forever, as the gay island, Mykonos has it's share of alternative entertainment. You know I love a good drag queen, and I am proud to say that Frank and I have known a few. So here for your entertainment pleasure are some stellar drag queens from Mykonos.