Nammos~ Mykonos, the party continues...

a view of the beach from Nammos restaurant,
really beautiful and blue.

Evan and I a toast to the good life!
Handsome Kent, me and Love Bug Evan

Let the fun begin!

spontaneous table dancing!
Adonis and his matching friend!
Turns out Rich can really dance!
Jerry + Kent + Rich and Evan find new friends!
Hot Jerry with always up for a party!

As you know we visited friends in Mykonos, "the party island"...and as it's reputation implies, we got our party on...

at lunch!!!!!...the spontaneous party atmosphere, starts , yes at lunchtime at Nammos on the beach. This restaurant is absolutely breathtaking and the food outstanding.

The service is what makes this place stand out. Of course our friend Evan, who is the gentleman's gentleman, takes great care of the staff and they LOVE
him. I love him as well...really love him!

Evan is the kind if guy, one does not come across anymore. He is a throw back, a Frank Sinatra style bon vivant, definite "rat pack" material.( in otherwords he knows how to live in high~style)

He was kind enough to invite us, (our crowd) for lunch and the rest as you can gleen from the photos is history...

Just few friends meeting for lunch (to celebrate Jerry's birthday) and by the end we were having shots and dancing on the tables.

The ent
ire restaurant irrupted into bumping and grinding on tables and on the floor, to great dance tunes piped throughout the dining room.

Thanks Evan for a wonderful and memorable afternoon, meet you at Nammos next year, you can count on it! Rich,Kent,Jerry,and Adonis meet us there.

A shout out to my "staff" photographer, Frank my husband, although he is mainly know as a well respected hand surgeon, his photographic skills were impectable through out our trip...(although this particular day @ nammos he slipped just a bit:)
in any case a BIG thank you Frank for all your great efforts and accomplishments in your first foray into staff photographer for my blog . I love you.