Bestest Mom in the World~ Siena the Playlist.

These banners from the Palio, and ancient
horserace held in the piazza il campo.

My pizza, half calzone and half pizza,
marscapone cheese and rocket with fresh tomato sauce.

To quote Shawn, "best pizza he has ever had".

Me and my personal DJ.

The Siena playlist spin doctors

You may wonder why the title of this entry is "bestest mom in the world"...just know that I love driving in Italy! I am a stick shift girl...(I had a stick in the U.S. until 10 years ago)
I love the curvy narrow roads, I love the Autostrada, love the hills, love it all.
But when you add 3 teenage boys and a wrap playlist to the mix...
lets just say by the time we reached Siena from here, 4.5 hours...

I had a headache that would make, "snoop dog", "flo rida", and "pitbull", and "lil' wayne" cry.

Don't get me wrong I love music, all kinds. But trust me that 3 teenagers and their playlist non-stop blarring, for 4.5 hours would make any grown woman maneuvering the
Italian super highway for 4.5 hours... run for the Sienese hills upon arrival.

But instead of running for the hills, we walked up a big hill to my favorite place in Siena, Nonno di Mede, for pizza and the best views of the city, not to mention a large glass of yummy red Chianti, for the "bestest mom in the world" "milgliore mamma nel mondo". The glass of wine and 2 advil did the trick.

The boys were very impressed with Siena, they took in all the sites.
We walked all day, and I even managed to get a little shopping in.

I bought the most amazing bag, a GABS bag. Check it out.

Siena is one of my favorite cities in the world. The color of the entire city, alone makes me weak at the knees. Even though it is full of tourists in August, we managed to have a wonderful day. And seeing it through the eyes of the boys made it even more special, even with the wrap music.

After a full day in Siena, we travel north again to stay at my friend Pacci's Agritourismo, outside Siena. More on that next time....let's just say it is a little piece of heaven.