Big Pleasures

My time in Italy was precious to me. It offered me a much needed vacation with my husband and best friend, Frank. (not to mention a killer staff photographer)

Our trip to Mykonos, was super fun and as always amazing. Our best friends Adonis and Jerry could not be more gracious and hospitable.
They share all they can with friends and family on their beautiful island. They are inclusive and truly stellar hosts, they could give lessons, really. They open their home and their hearts without reserve or question, it is why we love them so much. So thanks guys, see you next year!

My time in Italy is very special to me as you know, alone time is hard to come by these days. I enjoyed every minute of it in our little corner of the sea.
I met some great people this trip, and got to know the streets of Alassio well.
It is a dream for me and I appreciate every moment there.

But most of all having my son there with his friends was the biggest pleasure for me. As you can see we all had the best time.

As I said goodbye to this part of my summer,before I left, I took one more look out my window, at the view that is a treasure and a pleasure to behold.

Ciao for now Italia! Ti amo!

It's back to work for me. Stay tuned for styling adventures....Nat and I are going to Tybee Island for BH&G!