Did you know?

This is a photograph from Country Living Magazine of Julia's recreated Kitchen for the Movie.

Did you know that the set designer on Julie & Julia~Susan Bode Tyson, spent 3 months scouring the web and at flea markets on two continents, to find the right props for Juila's Kitchen in the new movie?
According to Country Living Magazine ( August 2009 ~page 26).

As a prop stylist I find this a daunting and fascinating job. I love assignments that put me in hot shopping pursuit...Ms. Tyson must have really enjoyed the task of putting this wonderful retro cook's kitchen together. *BTW Country Living is looking amazing these days, I have always thought it was a great resource magazine, but with the new editor it is looking beautiful! Pick one up!

For those of you that have seen Julia's kitchen the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., you know it is wonderful and very simple and functional. If you have not seen it , and you love to cook,it is a must.

I spent 3 hours in her kitchen there soaking it in. I actually was there with my family and shooed them away to visit other parts of the museum ( I wanted to be alone) I acted as if I were entering a sacred place ( and I was). I did have the honor of meeting her 15 years ago at a cooking event. I think that I scared her a bit I was such a gushing groupie when we met. I was really embarrassed at my over the top behavior that day. But I am sure I was not the first person to be so thrilled to meet her. She was very tall, and very nice.

I suggest if you love cooking and love Julia, or want to know more about her, see Julie & Julia, or better pick up the book. It was a fun read, and it is a fun movie.