Monaco, Exotic Cars, Shopping and Yachts! and a 35 dollar hamburger!

Levi(looking super cool) and the car of his future!
Supposedly this is an amazing car according to the boys.

Shawn, Levi and Jake, in front of the casino, in Monaco!

Monaco, is about a 45 minute drive from our place. My husband and I are true Italio~files as far as food goes, But if we are in the mood, we go to Monaco for a hamburger, at the famous Hotel De Paris outdoor cafe .

Mind you this is gonna cost you , but it is worth every dime, especially if you have a craving! This day was no exception, Levi and I ordered the burger and enjoyed every morsel, not to mention the people watching is great! (no extra charge)!

Monaco, is very posh. The boys enjoyed the exotic cars parked outside the casino in the main square and checked
out every last car .

We had lunch and walked down to the marina to take in the view, and the amazing array of yachts in the harbor.

I told the boys the story of how when I was backpacking through Europe the summer before college, I somehow managed to make my way onto a sailing yacht in Monaco, and worked for 2 weeks in the galley cooking for the owners and their guests. The crew would sail to Menton, France to shop at the market early every morning for groceries and I would
prepare fresh salads and fresh fish for our trip that day. I have that memory every time I go to Monaco and to Menton as well. (still one of my favorite places to shop the market is still there). Most of my time on the yacht was spent with the British crew, a great group of young men and we had many great adventures in the 2 weeks we spent together as you can imagine. Big fun!

The boys loved their trip, and I loved spending the day there with them!

Back to Alassio beach for some rest before
we are off to Siena and my friend Pacci's a little piece of heaven in Tuscany, stay tuned...