Siena~ The Adventure continues...

The boys and I had a great time touring Siena, after a minor incident in a cutlery store, Jake stabbed Levi in the finger with a mezzalune, a knife which is used to chop herbs. ( actually I did not see it in the store, wish I had, I would have bought it, love those)

A quick trip to the "farmacia",(pharmacy)a little disinfectant, and a box of band~aids later, Levi was all fixed up. Jake apologized and we piled into the car to drive to my friend Pacci's farm/argitourismo, outside Siena, a town named Fontenella.

As with everything Italian, we got very hang loose, and simply vague directions to her farm. Trying to use technology to it's fullest potential. We plugged in what we surmised was the address into our GPS, and headed off into the Tuscan Countryside.

10 wrong turns later, a little screaming(a lot of screaming at my co~ pilot Levi, actually) and a near head on collision later ( I drove up the wrong way on a one way ugh!)

After a very nerve racking 1 hour drive, then a very very narrow dirt road, we arrived at the charming guest houses
at Frattoria Bellosguardo.

After a quick swim in the pool, we headed down the road to a local place for a late dinner, the boys were very taken with the owners daughters, and Pacci invited them to swim at her pool the next day.

The boys were all grinning from ear to ear.
Shawn managed to speak enough Italian to tell Victoria the oldest we were leaving.
"Ti amo" which surprised me , he is the quietest of the 3.
But obviously he has some game.

After a great nights sleep, we wandered to the pool and had a wonderful lunch on the terrace, before heading home to Alassio.

All in all Tuscany was a hit with the boys...we thank Pacci for her gracious hospitality and great company. The boys loved her!