Best Store in the World! Cookin'~ San Francisco

As a prop stylist where ever I go I am always lookin' for the best store in the world. I am very lucky that I know many very talented editors all over the country and when I travel they give me wonderful shopping tips.

So when I was in San Francisco last week, Better Homes and Gardens,West Coast Editor, Paige Porter, suggested at breakfast that I check out Cookin' a vintage kitchen store in the North Beach area of SF.

I dragged my husband with me to have a look , and Cookin' was truly amazing, 3 hours later I emerged with a large box of vintage kitchen goodies to ship back home.
This strange little store was chocked full of vintage kitchen finds, from classic Le Creuset cookware, to copper molds and pots, jars, and vintage cookbooks. I felt like I fell into a time warp.

The shop was truly a food prop stylists heaven on earth.
It was a shopping thrill not to be missed. I am so happy that I had a chance to spend the afternoon there, Frank my husband, wandered off after about 15 minutes to scope out the shops in the neighborhood. But I stayed there for hours looking and shopping and relishing my finds all afternoon.

Next time you are in San Francisco, take some time and spend a few hours in Cookin' the best store in the world.