Ferry Building~ Breakfast and so much more!

Blue Bottle Coffee, look at the cool way they make each cup of coffee, truly a unique and special blend~ good to the last drop!
Breakfast at Il Cane Rosso (The Red Dog) Slow cooked Scrambled egg on sourdough olive oil toast, olive oil poached egg on brioche roll, slow cooked farro with raisins and toasted almonds~
Piage Porter the Better Homes and Gardens West Coast Editor, she was a delight and full of fantastic tips and information.

I met Better Homes and Gardens West Coast Editor Paige Porter for breakfast at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, if you have never been, it is not to be missed, a foodies haven, in a beautiful setting.

We had breakfast at a place I had been following on Twitter. Il Cane Rosso, their updates on Twitter were literally mouth watering, so going there was a must and Paige actually suggested we meet there. I finally was able to satisfy my twitter cravings at the Ferry Building on Thursday morning.

I ordered one of everything on the menu at Il Cane Rosso, while Paige went to Blue Bottle Coffee to get steaming cups of goodness to wash down our breakfast order. We were not disappointed , we sampled everything and one dish was better that the next. My personal fav was the slow cooked farro with raisins and almonds. Truly great mouth feel, satisfying to the last spoonful. Il Cane Rosso your tweets were the real deal, keep on tweeting.