Pine Street Market Shoot~ The world of Meat.

Digital photography makes our job easy and quick, we get to see the photograph instantly and make any changes.
Rusty with his signature bacon flavored vodka, yes that's right, everything is better with bacon right, actually this is a great vodka for bloody marys according to Rusty.
This is the FDA inspector that spends 2 hours per day with Rusty overseeing the curing process. WOW
Lots of propping, earthy and rich, good with meat.

Pine Street Market is a wonderful little Market in Avondale Estates,Pine Street Market features house cured meats - a variety of salamis including Paprika, Fennel, Sopressata, and Saucisson Sec - along with Coppa, Pancetta, and Applewood Smoked Bacon.

My dear friend and talanted photographer Amy Herr, asked me if I would be interested styling meat. Something so directed and focused seemed like a huge challenge, as meat un-cooked or prepared in a recipe can look unappetizing.

Rusty the owner of Pine Street Market could not have been any more darling. He is a CIA trained chef with a passion for curing meat. His apple smoked bacon is probably the best bacon in the city. His attention to small details is what separates him from the rest.

As we worked he sliced samples for us to try. Further proof of why I have such a cool job. The people I meet are truly inspirational and passionate, talented and generous.

I set up my props in his small shop and began the process of styling and propping his beautiful handmade products.

The images were beautiful and the meat challenge, was met. We had a great day. Here are shots from behind the scenes.

The notion that bacon makes everything tastes better, in this case bacon made everything look better as well.
Fun day, great subject matter, stay tuned for these new images on my website soon, and visit Rusty @ Pine Street Market.

Thanks to our special guests during our shoot, master kitchen designer Craig Kettles and his partner Michael, and thanks to Michael for modeling the hairnet!