Twitter gets another try , and I find great stuff, Go Tweeple!

In my constant quest for beautiful stuff I decided to give Twitter another try, this time limiting my following to things and people that are in the realm of what I do for a living and have a passion for. Focused Twitting.

I had mixed feelings about Twitter, but I really have found some amazing objects on it, following people in my field who are tweeting and sharing all their cool products and finds out there in the big world.

I recently found Paloma's Nest, a great artisan who makes beautiful things. I wanted to share her gorgeous holiday wares with you as the holiday season is
fast approaching .

You can follow her on Twitter, as I do or just log on to her website and enjoy, I look forward to seeing more beautiful things from her and all the other talented Tweeple out there.

I invite you share your wares/finds with me as I will from time to time blog about things I love new (and old) all the stuff I discover on my travels shopping all over the world. Send me your pictures and write comments about your beautiful things/finds,+cool stuff you think I should know about, I am thee "stuff" girl, love me those beautiful things....I want to hear from you out there....