7 Creative and Affordable Ideas for Decorating the Thanksgiving Table

When it comes to setting the holiday table I am always eager to get started. Since I work producing and styling stories for one of the premier magazines in America, Better Homes and Gardens, I am constantly thinking about great table-scapes + easy affordable entertaining ideas.
My goal is to please my guests, and of course make them ooo-and ahh, and generally have a fantastic time is always on my mind.
Thanksgiving is no exception and it's my favorite holiday, so I usually start decorating a week before with some easy crafts.
Here are a few ideas that might make setting the table fun, and create the perfect setting for entertaining all your favorite guests.

1. Think about your own decor make sure the table looks great in your own environment.
2. Use things that you already own in a different way. Maybe a platter that you would normally use to hold the turkey, now holds the centerpiece, of gourds and branches and berries and candle holders
3. Wrap napkins with ribbon, and add a leaf with the guest's name on it.
4. Take several small vases and scatter them around the table with small clusters of fall color flowers I sometimes use drinking glasses as vases ( this is a less expensive way to make a big bang)
5. Make and frame the menu and set it on the table, embellish with a ribbon or a piece of dried wheat, or millet, glued to the side with hot glue.
6. Use a quilt of blanket as a table cloth. An antique quilt or plaid wool blanket make a great autumnal table cloth.
7. Use heirloom pumpkins and berries in the center of the table , to create a simple fall centerpiece I usually buy them for Halloween put them outside in the cold to preserve them and then bring them inside and use them on the Thanksgiving table or buffet. You can also place heirloom pumpkins around the house, in the entry to greet guests with a lovely nod to the season.

Any combination of the above ideas will secure a great table-scape and wonderful environment to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with friends and family.

One of my favorite ideas is by friends that have antique metal trucks filled with baby pumpkins and squash on their kitchen counter.

I hope some of these easy suggestions have helped make your Thanksgiving table pretty and effortless this holiday season.
Some of the images are from a story I worked on for Better Home and Gardens Magazine, look for more great ideas on bhg.com