10 things I hope to do in 2010!

Yes, it's the end of the year time to take stock in the year that's passed.

Last year I shot a TV pilot for HGTV, which was both fun and interesting~ it got picked up, then dropped~ then magazines went under forcing me to regroup ~ my work took many shifts as did my family as my kids are now older wiser and more independent. I was on the Today Show, as I charted a new career course, there were ups and downs, but all in all a great year of learning and experiences. 

I made new friends and reconnected with old friends, as always a few friends surprised me with their love and devotion, and a few surprised me with bad behavior, but the human kindness always won in the end and the disappointments, were just that disappointments. All in all I stayed true to myself and surrounded myself with my fantastic family and beautiful friends, and of course great food and wine always in reach~ I wish everyone good health, great friends, good food, great wine and mostly happiness, love and great accomplishments in the new year!

Instead of the usual New Years Resolution~ this year I have decided I want to accomplish 10 things of importance to me. "Accomplish" is my word of 2010.

1. spend more time with my family~

2. embrace my passion for food and write my cookbook~

3. be less judgmental~

4. have more insight about people~

5. be patient~

6. dance more~

7. Listen to my gut~

8. smile more~

9. spend more time enjoying art~

10. enjoy the little things~