Cookie Swap with a Twist~ An Easy Holiday Party with Style

I always giggle when my sister tells me about her "cookie swap" party every year during the holidays~ if most of you know me you know the idea of people bringing food to my house,( riding over to our house with the food sloshing around the back seat of the car) well it makes me cringe. My thought is that if you invite guests to your home the least you can do it to provide all the refreshments and  as many yummy homemade treats possible.

But little did I know that my sister was so very wise and her holiday swap party would be an inspiration this holiday season. Tis the season of creative and money saving ideas for holiday entertaining, with less to go around out there in the world people like me are forced to come up with economical and stylish ways to entertain guests this year. So hats off to you dear sister from the mid-west...let me share my inspired holiday swap party with a twist.

If you are not familiar with the cookie swap, it is a simple concept~ bring cookies usually 4-5 dozen to a friends along with the recipe and you taste, and indulge in the variety of cookies and then bring cookies home with you in a goodie bag, along with your the recipes in tow.

I thought why not do the exact same thing with appetizers and desserts~ assign all your friends one or the other, and tell them to make at least 4 dozen of the recipe, ( obviously these all should be bite size and portable, and most important freezable, so no layered dips please!) then when you take home your 3- 4 dozen selection of appetizers + cookies. you just pop them in the freezer and warm them in the oven for your next holiday gathering~ maybe even your New Years party.
This is an easy and delicious way to gather and save during this holiday season.

Have waxed bags on hand for your guests to load up there goodies and don't forget to have everyone bring recipes to pass around ~ Happy Holiday Gathering!  and Cheers

Here's a great Holiday Drink to Mix up for your Swap Party~

          10 cups  pomegranate juice
           6 cups club soda
           Juice of 3  limes
           10 ounces vodka
           1 teaspoon peppermint extract
           6 tablespoons chopped fresh mint
           ice cubes
           24 mini candy canes~ for swizzle sticks + garnish
Combine juices, soda, vodka, peppermint, fresh mint in a punch bowl with ice cubes~ Garnish each glass  with candy canes.