The Kitchen Guru's Kitchen Guru~ Wabi Sabi Lessons from Craig Kettles.

Craig in his own Kitchen , it is a partners kitchen each chef has his own station to prep and cook and clean up!

When I decided to ask a few experts to contribute to this months Style Chat, the very first person that came to mind is my dear friend Craig Kettles. He is in my opinion one of the most talented kitchen designers in the country and I am proud to say I have styled many of his projects for magazines, in fact we first met on a photo shoot,  he came to "check me out",  he explained to me that he had a bad experience with a stylist and was making sure I was up to snuff.

From that day on we were in sync, he and I see eye to eye, and I learn something about design from him every time we hang out. As my husband likes to say "Craig is a genius, and doesn't even know it". He sees function and form like no other person in my world. I love his simple chic style, I love his warm industrial esthetic, but mainly I love the way he designs a kitchen so a cook can cook and an entertainer can entertain.

He is the wabi sabi kitchen design master. ( and a great cook) So when I asked him for some kitchen design wisdom to add to my style chat, he kindly complied and sent me his dozen must dos/haves~

This list is worth it's weight in gold, and I can't believe I am able to share it with you it's so precious. These are the secrets to the perfect kitchen. So thank you Craig for sharing your wisdom and genius. Whether you are a design civilian or a seasoned professional listen up , cause you just might learn something!

Consider these points  and pearls when designing or renovating your kitchen~

1.Consider the kitchen's relationship to adjoining rooms when deciding on the look and palette.

2.Wherever possible, include a walk-in pantry in the design.  This can change everything about the look of your kitchen.

Craig's pantry~ okay I will admit, I covet this pantry, it is my fantasy and I moan every time I stand in it.

3.Don't be afraid to expose pots/dishes/serving pieces.  Kitchens are the heart of the home and vessels reinforce the soul of a kitchen.  Don't spend money on cabinetry to hide your vessels.  Instead spend that money on interesting vessels that will enhance the look of your kitchen.

4. For a warmer kitchen, include non-kitchen elements in your kitchen: table lamps, art, furniture and rugs.

5.Protect the cook's space from guests while allowing guests to interact with the cook.  Don't make the path by the stove too wide or you will end up with guests impeding the chef.

6.If space allows provide for a separate beverage area for both morning and evening beverages, again moving the non-chefs further away from the chef.

7.Two dishwashers will change your life and your desire to entertain.

8.Use a combination of 4", 8" and 12" deep shelves in the pantry for quick access and to avoid losing items behind other items.

9.Mix your countertop materials by considering both function and style.  I have been using raw waxed steel lately for bar tops and I am loving the unique look.

10. Inventory everything you use and everything you don't use.  From this inventory, plan the functioning of your cabinets.  Choose drawers over doors whenever possible.

11.Consider painting cabinetry attached to the walls the same color as the walls to reduce the visual weight of a room filled with cabinets.

12.Use sconces, pendants, and table lamps to reduce the number of recessed can fixtures.  When you must use recessed can fixtures, use them strategically.

Craig~Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart~ who ever reads and uses this valuable information will have a fabulous kitchen , for those of you that would like to use Craig's services by all means contact him , it will be the best money you have ever spent, and you can take that to the bank!
 here's Craig's link