White Flower Farmhouse Style

A few months ago I found a great blog and prop resource   White Flower Farmhouse,  the owner, Lori's design credo is simple yet sublime. I asked her to guest blog and tell us about her style philosophy.
I will continue to share prop resources as I find them. ( I actually found a superb resource while doing a TV design makeover segment with Shane Tallant, in Nashville this week, so stay tuned)

Lori~ take it away...

My personal style is very simple.  Sort of a modern farmhouse with a little industrial twist.  I like to challenge myself creatively by working within a realistic budget and sticking to it.  I am a firm believer that money does not necessarily buy good taste.  Simple style to me, equals - casual. warmth, relaxation, easy maintenance and an overall feeling of comfort .  I want my home to be lived in not a showplace.

 Here is a list of the top 12 must haves in my home.

1.pure white linen fabrics for shower curtains and drapes

2. neutral paint wall colors

3. old painted and pine furniture pieces

4. natural slip covered upholstered furniture

5. from nature - fresh flower & herb topiary,I wi sea shells, star fish, stones

6. natural fiber rugs over wood floors

7. baskets for storage wire, or woven

8. white ironstone bowls, platters & pitchers

9. industrial or nautical lighting

10. architectural salvage pieces

11.  scientific and laboratory glass

12. zinc metal and galvanized steel tables

 Thanks Lori!