I Have A Crush!

                           Sibella Court

As a stylist I have seen it all. I have been a window dresser and a store designer, and finally I have settled on a career in styling. I rarely get blown away, or breathless by design. 

My state of mind is usually underwhelmed by the design efforts of most.  Granted I know great designers but taking my breath away is a rare occurence these days.

For me great design is a collection, of objects, textures, and mainly stories and soul.

It is never about fantastic architecture, or sleek design or perfectly matched sofas. The thing about design that makes my heart skip a beat, is the ability to collect things in a space, in perfect harmony, with both composition, and collection in mind. 

This is design from the heart, and it speaks directly to my heart.  It is not about color, or color combination, it is about the story, that special place in time when a person lives and loves their space, their home.

Rarely do I run across such a designer/stylist in my travels. The last design crush I had was on my best friend Adonis 6 + years ago, a Greek artist/designer that created such a beautiful space for himself and his partner in Mykonos, that it literally made me tear up as soon as I entered the front door. Everything was hand picked 
(sometimes from the barren land surrounding the house) not a square wall in the place, no rhyme or reason, pure design hand picked and full of texture and most important an artist's soul.

no one has moved me since,...I have to admit it, until now, I have a crush on Sibella Court. Recently one of the editors I work with, posted a blog about her designs, and I could not stop trolling over the images...almost obsessively...design porn...what can I say.

I bought her book, etc. as a gift to myself

and what a treat...the pages brought me back to the place, the center of my design credo.
Texture, Style, and Story...a Collection.

Enjoy these images and buy this book as a gift to yourself~ a feast for the eyes and even the hand of the book is a rare treat, tactile and textural, heavy and important.