In Love with Louisiana

This is Jenny, Paige (editors for BHG) and Nat and I starting day one on Lake Bruin

As you all know I love my job. Styling for magazines and books gives me pleasure and loads of satisfaction every day.
I love discovering new locations by shopping/propping and meeting the locals. As you also know, I am welcomed into peoples' homes everyday and always enjoy working in their world whether it's for one day or two.
A few times per year I am asked to produce a BIG story with many moving parts where I will spend a week with a family working and producing/styling a story.

      the crew + Rob Brinson hard at work

This is my favorite kind of story. Usually it involves a very interesting family with a great story. I prop and style, people, food, and interiors, exteriors.

My most recent beautiful location was Lake Bruin Louisiana to do a story about a Fish Camp, and 4 families that own it. This trip was not only memorable, but made me realize that there are sweet, genuine people out there who still live by the rule "Family First"
This close knit group of family and friends will inspire everyone in the upcoming story for Better Homes and Gardens August issue.

Without giving to much away, I will say that I think that you will enjoy reading and seeing the fantastic effort these families took to rehab an old fish camp and make a family retreat that will knock your socks off.

I want to thank all the Hogans, especially Doc, and his gorgeous talented wife Diane for providing an amazing environment to work in. Not only were the accommodations first class, but Diane's fabulous meals( breakfast, lunch and dinner) were magnificent, and of course not to mention the old fashion Southern hospitality was world class.
I kept reminding Natalie that we were not on vacation, but were working every morning.

Natalie ate her way through Louisiana , crawfish heads and all!

Here are a few behind the scenes, but for the real story pick up a copy of the August 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.