The essence of beauty~ do design folks take themselves too seriously?

As a stylist, I am often asked to make things beautiful. But isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?

I am paid to create the perfect picture, to interpret what my client deems beautiful, for their purposes.

But most times the rebel in me wants to go down a different design path and shake things up. In reality I do not go this route with clients, but with my own design lately I have been taking more risks and above all exploring my sloppy side....

What I find beautiful as of late, is something that is imperfect even kooky. I know that those of you that know me must be saying that's not true Annette, everything is always perfect around you. But if you look closely my collections my obsessions are less than perfect and sometimes pretty imperfect. Now I am going for outright craziness.

Designers have a tendency to be perfectionists, and take themselves to seriously in my opinion. I am always impressed when designers can have a sense of humor and see the silliness or imperfections in design projects. Not to name names, but one of my favorite people right this second is, Brian Patrick Flynn he is the rare breed of designers that does not take himself too seriously, he is so refreshing! 

In fact the best thing about him is, he calls himself a "decorator". To me this is brave and unconventional and outright inspiring!

So my design challenge for myself and for all of my designer type friends, is to have fun, do some thing outside your comfort zone and shake it up. Be daring be confident and be unconventional.

The essence of beauty is transitional at best, so make the best of it and discover your essence, your design mantra, march to your own drummer, take a risk. Design serious? nah...