One more week~

I have one more week of photo shoots, and then once again, I have the pleasure of a summer in Italy with family and friends. For those of you that know me, I feel my time in Italy is a gift and a way to recharge my creative battery. I will be blogging, and photographing all that inspires me and moves me and makes me smile. As a stylist/producer seeing new things and the soothing familiar things allow me return to my busy life with a new energy and a renewed eye for style and beauty. I know not everyone can take a long pause as I am blessed to able to do, but I can tell you that as creative beings taking pause, even an extra moment to breathe and to take in something special, beautiful, stylish, clever or delicious is food for the soul.
Take your own pause and come along with me as I journal my summer Italian adventures on my blog...
Ci vediamo in Italia... xo