Thanks GOOP~

I was so pleased about the post about my project in Nashville for Gwyneth Paltrow, on GOOP last week. Designing a space for Gwyneth Paltrow and her family was a career highlight for me. Although her website GOOP has many critics. I am here to tell you that Gwyneth really walks the walk. When I met with her for the first time she could not have been more down to earth. She and I have many similar interests. This made the creative process together quite effortless. She has a real commitment to family, food and design, health and balance in everything she takes on. I had no expectations when we met, however her kindness and warmth made me feel at ease straight away. Our first meeting took place, in the empty shell she was about to move into, she thanked me for the marathon I was about to take on. "Thank you", were literally her first words to me.
Many of you have asked what it was like. It was a brutal 10 days, yet super fun! It was really a labor of love once I met and spent time with Gwyneth I wanted her to love her place. Oddly enough we bonded quickly because just like me, she is a Mom trying to make her family comfortable.

So despite what you might think about GOOP or Gwyneth Paltrow~ I learned quickly that Gwyneth really was committed to sharing what she encountered as she travels the world. Her interests in cooking and exercise, fashion and design are well grounded in fact.

She is truly a intelligent woman, well breed and well read.
Hats off to a woman who is an A-list, Academy Award winning actress, and can bake a delicious chicken:) too boot.

So thanks GOOP! You rock.

This is me in my kitchen with the gift basket Gwyneth sent after the completion of the apartment. We really enjoyed all the goodies, my kids loved it. The card could not have been more kind, but I know now that's how she rolls. :)