Chic for Cheap...a designer Mom's story...

Recently my darling daughter Alex started law school. She has a cute little house with a dream of a roommate, Josh.(he is also in law school) Josh found this adorable house for them.(great job Josh!)

Since no one in the house has time to do anything but study. Designer/Stylist Mom came to the rescue. Alex has great taste ( but of course:) and honestly was a pretty great "client", she's a great communicator ( hence the reason she'll make a great lawyer) and was quick to tell me what she envisioned and what Josh was willing to put up with. In otherwords, nice, functional and not too feminine in the common areas.

The little house was a blank slate. I arrived armed with accessories galore, and a few hand me down chairs, and a great desire to give my girl (and Josh) a comfortable place to study, eat, live for the next 3 years of hard labor.

The design adventure began months ago, when I started collecting great buys for Alex's new digs.

Shopping Tip: I suggest that everyone, buy great decor items as they see them , on sale and dirt cheap, you can hang on to them until you need them. I don't mean hoard, I mean if you have an upcoming project start shopping well in advance to find the best deals. It is kind of when you have to buy a great dress for an upcoming party, and you can never find what you need right before the event. I buy dresses as I see them and then there is no pressure to find the perfect dress, you already have it. 

So we bought things we knew we would need at a great price as we saw them on sale.

Here are some befores and afters....enjoy!

Living room before, not much here, but a hand me down sofa (not bad) and a hand me down chair 
Alex and I bought this coffee table at Ballards backroom 120.00 + this awesome rug Homegoods only 50.00 

This was how the room was styled up when I arrived, pretty typical college student digs....well look at it now!

I reconfigured the room, then added a seating cube 100.00 ( sample sale) a sofa table (really a potting table) 70.00 flea market find. great chair and ottoman from Homegoods 299.00 a few old props from my prop stash + coffee table books, recycled from the Goodwill, 20.00 Rehung the paintings, which btw were Josh's decor contribution , by his fine artist Grandfather, simply stunning. (Oh and the sofa is his as well) Don't forget about the lighting, these floor lamps are from Lowes, around 60 bucks , they are simple and functional, and not bad looking at that!

Stylist Tip* don't under estimate the power of a stack coffee table books, and a zen bowl, and of course a gorgeous branch can bring drama to any room placed on a table or a shelf. Notice these are all really simple uncomplicated solutions for people on a budget. The zen quality will bring tranquility to everyday, and as law students tranquility will be a welcome guest! 

I have selected a very lovely forest green , nubby fabric to make simple drapes, 3.99 per yard. I know they will complement the room, give an infusion of color, but keep it natural and serene for these hard working students...they have a lot of work ahead. In this calm environment, I know they will accomplish their goals, and enjoy their digs to boot!

Thanks Mom! mwah

let me know what you think?

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