Studying style...

My daughter needed a great place to study and in law school you spend much of your time hitting the books. Alex's direction was simple, we both adore the movie The Royal Tennebaums. My design direction from Alex was to infuse the whimsical style of the movie set into her bedroom design. (she felt that a bit of whimsy would make her years of drudgery more bearable). Done and done.
The most fun flea market styling treasure hunt ever! Thanks Alex!!

The color we chose was   Aceâ„¢Hardware, 10-B Two Lips * Gorgeous coral pink.
It is a happy color , much like the color in the many parts of the set design in the movie. We opted to paint one wall behind her bed.

We are waiting for a whimsical headboard, it is wooden carved, with a little bird perched on top ( nod to the falcon). Bedding is from Anthropologie, and the pillows are from the flea market + World Market

The desk area needed to be both functional and fun. CB2 desk and chair, all the objects mounted on the wall were from various flea markets, antique stores + cast offs from stylish friends.
Here's the before and after....

In the movie, all the portraits painted by Gywneth Paltrow's character, (Margot Tenenbaum ) were hung along with family artifacts on a pinkish coral wall.

We found an amazing dresser at a flea market and loaded down the top (styled by moi) with all sorts of collected objects, including a tennis honor of our theme...of course.

Before.....and after....

Super fun bedroom project, using a movie as inspiration was a blast for me, believe it or not I have never done it. It seems like something one would see on a cheesy makeover show....but honestly it was really a nice break from the usual style out for me.

A great side story to all this is that when I met Gwyneth Paltrow, I was dying to tell her that The Royal Tennebaums was my all time favorite movie, it was my only real dorky fan moment I had with her. Most of our conversations were pretty regular. But somehow I managed to work it into the conversation seamlessly ( at least I thought so, lol) Her reply was that it was one of her all time favorites to, and she would call Wes(Anderson the director), and let him know how much I liked it...OMG so cool. 

I think the inspiration for a Tennebaum style bedroom and place to study "the law" as my daughter puts it, was genius! Well I guess I would since she is my daughter after all....