What's the future of printed magazines and books?

Since the creation of the world wide web~ things have changed in the world, in a big way, ( no shit! that's an understatement). With the economic downturn ( a gentle way of saying worldwide depression) many things may never look or be the same in my business. These current events have made me seriously think about my future in the magazine production/styling business. Is everything going to be on the web?

I had many in depth discussions with colleagues and clients on the subject of the printed magazine/books and their future. I was quick to say that all print would go away and be replaced by reading machines/computers , like the kindle and the i-pad. I have been the bearer of bad news and quite frankly been kind of a downer to all I encounter in my world, the world of publishing. I was unyielding in my opinions about the inevitability of all paper going away. With all the magazines/newspapers shutting their doors, and publishers offering deals to writers of "you pay and we will publish!" + editors loosing jobs and passing through the revolving doors of the various positions at magazines on the verge, I was really kind of a bummer to be around.

But that's why I have to go away in the summer!!! because with a clear head, I had a change of heart  and while lying on the beach in Italy this summer. I read many books on my kindle on my lounge chair in the sand by the sea...and one hard cover book, and about a dozen European magazines (all printed) and much to my surprised I discovered ( what my daughter had told me all along) that I got much more pleasure from turning the actual pages of my book and these gorgeous magazines. I felt much more satisfied with the whole experience. Although the kindle is a much smarter way to carry books over the ocean, the magazines and the one book I purchased was what gave me real tactile pleasure and soulful satisfaction!


I love the blogs and all the online web-azines I subscribe to + follow, but my conclusion was that in this world of instant communication via the web, there was indeed room for the slower and more methodical turning of pages and touching of the printed page. So maybe there is hope and room for both!

Perhaps the closing of magazines, is just the natural evolution of too many publications. This innate weeding out could have a good effect, saving the best and shedding of the weaker links.

I hope the blogasphere and the kindle, magazines and books will all find their rightful place in this ever changing world of information, but for now I have found the rightful place for my own point of view and will enjoy my kindle, but lug all my favorite food and interior magazines, beautifully styled and printed on the paper pages to my lounge chair on the beach in the sand by the sea.

I would love to hear your comments~ Please feel free to leave them, look forward to hearing what you all think about this subject~ near and dear to my heart...xo