Doing the best we can....

With my latest high profile blog post on Design*Sponge, ( my favorite go to blog, btw) I started reading the comments at the bottom of the page. I know what you're going to say... these people have alot of time on their hands and are probably not dealing with design/style decisions and client requests all their opinions don't matter or even mean that much. But there have been so many comments about the Gwyneth Paltrow project I did ( good and bad), seen on GOOP that I felt maybe a blog post about designing personal spaces might be apropos.

My approach is to ALWAYS to give the client what they want, no matter what. That is after all what I get paid to do. I do however have a certain expertise and flex those muscles when first meeting with a client.

As you know I like to see how a client likes to dress, it offers many clues as to how they like to live and what their style is all about. So when it comes to designing a space, looking at them and then listening to what they have to say are key elements to starting the dialogue of how their space will be designed and what elements will be the most important.

Case in point~ when I met with Gwyneth, she was dressed simply and looked fashionable yet modern.
No excess jewelry or accessories, clean lines, all well thought out and chic yet sensible.
So when it came to her temporary space in Nashville, she wanted something functional, simple, chic yet sensible. Since it was a temporary space, we did not over accessorize or add any wasteful expense.
We made it modern, livable , and functional....all in 10 days. I regarded this space as a really lovely hotel suite. Some people have been critical of spending money on a temporary space, some people have called it sparse. Well guess what, we did not have any unnecessary expenses and therefore it looks clean and simple or as some deemed it "sparse".  The term I use for the residence is sensible yet chic. We did not go over board, but made the space functional and comfortable and affordable.

So for all you people who comment on blogs, and have no idea about what goes into working with any client or magazine, or a celebrity client, I encourage you to think before you comment. The blog sphere has allowed everyone to be an expert, and everyone to be a critic, and a fan. Although I rarely take things personally, I do hope that comments are well intentioned for the most part.

Keep in mind, each client and design/styling job has it's own story and it's own challenges. Every designer/stylist has to analyze what's best in each case.
Every time I meet with a client I think about what the most effective and satisfying approach will be.
The main goal is to please the client, and create a home that they identify and feel "at home" in.

The cool thing about having your own blog is that you can write about things that bug you, mean alot, or you hate. So to all you comment writing haters out there, oh so quick to make a comment....take a minute and remember the person you are addressing in a negative manner, might have a method to their madness, and a  back story you are not privy too. Look at your surroundings and if their picture perfect, maybe you have a point, and feel free to share your design tips. But in my experience the designers out there that have walked in my shoes, tend to be positive and supportive, after all they have been there for real!
Remember all of us working stiffs are doing the best we can.

I look forward to your well intended comments:)