here is the answer to the requests for my pantry essentials list I published last year~

My friend Craig Kettles of C Designs~  has the perfect pantry
I posted this list last year,one of my FaceBook fans requested it. I think that going through your pantry before the holidays is the perfect way to assure that you will have everything at your fingertips when you need it, and that all your guests, friends and family, will be well cared for. So here it is.

Using clear jars can create a pretty & useful panty
Pantry must haves
Tomatoes crushed and sundried
Organic Marinara Sauce
Beans- white, black, pinto
Tuna and Salmon
Dijon mustard
Polenta- cornmeal
Broth, veggie, chicken
Flavored oils, garlic, sesame, lemon
Balsamic vinegar
Soy Sauce
Soba noodles
Nuts, walnuts and almonds
Salts, truffle, garlic
Popcorn- microwave
Tortilla chips
Honey, flavored with truffles
Jam, raspberry, fig, apricot, lemon curds
Baking section, flour, sugar, baking powder,corn starch, vanilla, spices such as cinnamon, and chocolate chips, graham crackers
Dried spices, parsley, basil, curry powder

Must haves in the fridge and freezers
Fridge-eggs, parm cheese,soft cheese, fresh garlic, and onion, salad/lettuce, white wine
Freezer- veggies, chicken, ground beef, turkey or buffalo

Quick Appetizers
Popcorn with truffle flavored salt
Baked artichoke spread, artichoke, parm cheese, garlic salt, Dijon mustard, olive oil serve w/crackers
White and black bean salad, with pimento, stir in salsa
Salsa and chips
Parm cheese with honey and crackers
Parm cheese with jam and crackers
Salmon with capers with dried parsley, and lemon oil and crackers
Artichoke and egg, fritta
Soft cheese with salsa ( pineapple or mango) and crackers

Quick Dinners
Pasta, lemon flavored olive oil, and crushed nuts, with dried basil
Pasta, sun dried tomato and chopped olives, and parm
3 Bean soup with balsamic vinegar reduction.
Couscous with tomato and artichoke and pimento, almonds, with dried basil, with a pinch of cinnamon, served with baked basil, garlic salt and mustard rubbed chicken.
Chicken with rice, sliced almonds, dried basil and chicken stock.
Chicken and tortilla chips with salsa and rice, chicken broth
Curry Chicken and rice soup
Soba noodles and soy sesame sauce, frozen edamame
Baked Polenta, with marinara sauce, parm cheese
Chili, with turkey, beans, tomatoes, garlic, and chicken stock. serve with tortilla chips and salsa

I serve all these with a simple salad with balsamic vinegar and light oil, salt and pepper.

Having a well organized and well stocked pantry gives me the tools to make entertaining easy and stress free, it allows me to think creatively while saving time and money, something that is essential in these hard times. So gather your friends and party in the pantry...