Wine and Cheese Party DIY with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Did you get a chance to see the Today Show this A.M? I had another lovely time with the hostesses with mostess, Kathie Lee and Hoda. We drank wine while I shared with them my super simple way to host a wine and cheese party with "garage items".  These are the items you probably have in your own garage- old wine crate, leftover slate tiles, empty wine bottles, twine, garbage bags, etc. Supplement with what you already have with a few store-bought tools, and you can create a cheap and charming tablescape. Read below for my how-tos which are so simple, you can even have a glass of wine while you craft.

              Cork Tray DIY project

Step 1: gather materials- roll of adhesive-backed cork, scissors, sharpie, leaf stencil, and World Market tray.

Step 2: lay cork flat and trace leaf shapes with sharpie.

Step 3: cut out leaves and remove adhesive backing.

Step 4: place leaves to your liking on tray. smooth across leaves.

*This also makes a great, inexpensive hostess gift for all the holiday parties you will be attending these next few months!
                      Wine Magazine runner DIY project
Step 1: gather materials- wine spectator magazine, sharp paper scissors, utility knife, pinking shears, straight edge/ruler, and happy tape.

Step 2: open magazine and with utility knife, slice down the middle, dividing the magazine in half.

Step 3: carefully remove individual pages by gently peeling/ cutting with utility knife. find 12-20 pages that you fancy and put aside.

Step 4: pair pages lengthwise together with happy tape. make edges flush with each other-no overlapping! gently smooth a strip of tape down the center to secure the pages together.

Step 5: join paired pages all together width-wise with coordinating colored tape. create visual interest by adding a variety of colors to match your table setting. i chose to craft a graphic version of a classic french grain sack. have fun with it!

                      Wine Crate Centerpiece DIY project

Step 1: gather materials- old wine bottles, two bunches of market roses,  4 floral
oasis bricks, twine, and small candles (or any alternative to place in wine
bottles), and wood wine crates *(can be found at liquor stores, antique stores, or
flea markets) and plastic trash bag

Step 2: wet oasis until fully soaked.

Step 3: place plastic trash bag in the bottom of the crate
place oasis and wine bottles into crate. arrange flowers from the outside-in.
fill the oasis until there are no holes and the centerpiece is full and lush.

Step 4: finish the centerpiece by placing the candles in the wine bottles and wrap
the bottle necks with twine. 

See?! A very budget-friendly way to jazz up household items for a party that won't break the bank.

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