before & after: my prop stash

Very few things are more satisfying than a clutter overhaul. On Friday I enlisted the help of my two assistants, Natalie and Ginny, to help streamline my collection of photo-styling props.
We gutted all the shelves, laid everything out, and reorganized my stash. Natalie and I schooled Ginny in organization 101: "like with like". Say it with me people, "like with like". Very simple, very effective.

keys to remember
1. Remove items and clean shelves with disinfecting wipes. Sweep surrounding area. Make the foundation beautiful!
2. "Like with Like". Group objects in categories by color, materials, purpose, etc.
3  Next, arrange by size. I personally prefer largest to smallest.

Don't be afraid to invest in beautiful shelving!! I prefer combining vintage shoe trolleys for their rustic warmth with pragmatic, industrial storage solutions like this one found at The Container Store.

I hope this inspires you to find a messy spot in your home and get to organizing! Be sure to check out my 12 months of organization post for some additional ideas. For even more tips on clutter control  pop on over to my friend Nate Berkus's site.

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