Southern Flourish Magazine~ Holiday issue

I was so pleased to work with Southern Flourish Magazine on this holiday issue~ I posted the felted soap project but here are all the "how to felting projects" in full.  Make these projects and let me know how you did, I would love to post some photos of your finished projects, so send them to me via email

Southern Flourish has decided to charge for the magazine, it is a subscription...Down and Out Chic said this about why Southern Flourish decided to charge to view their online magazine~

I've been a huge fan of Southern Flourish since their first issue in Spring 2010.  Since their last issue, Southern Flourish has become a subscription based mag which might be surprising to those of us spoiled by free online magazines.  I asked one of the editors why they've decided to go the way of subscriptions and this was the response:
"We've been super lucky to work with some amazingly talented stylists, photographers, and writers, and charging a small annual subscription fee will help us continue to work with such great people, as well as increase the quality of the content."
Fair enough, don't you think?
The annual subscription is a modestly priced $10 but by entering  "DOWNANDOUTCHIC" at checkout, you'll get a year subscription (4 issues) for $8 + a free issue if you subscribe in December.  The holiday issue is out today and the previous issues can still be accessed online for free if you need to test ride the mag before subscribing.  Trust me though, I think you'll be impressed!

Enjoy the Holiday Issue, I would love to hear from you about the projects you create from this issue, and maybe what else you would like to see me create for you to make!

Happy crafting!