"What it takes to put on a Today Show segment"...

let's just say it takes more than 4 minutes!

Hello darlings! I have returned to Atlanta after taping my 5th Today Show segment with Kathie Lee & Hoda. Equipped with my two elves, Natalie and Ginny, we ran around New York and successfully commandeered two hotel rooms and a large hotel hallway to "wrap" up our segment. 

I challenged myself to find unconventional and clever ways of wrapping tricky presents. I wanted to think and wrap outside the box, if you will. Watch the clip below for my alternative solutions to just slapping a bow on that child's bike.

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As always, the prep work is no joke. Toss out any pre-conceived notion that a stylist's life is glamorous! We all schlepped armloads of shopping bags up and down long New York avenues, dodging the throngs of holiday shoppers and trying to hail a taxi during the busiest time of the year. 

We greased the palms of hotel bellmen to find us cardboard boxes and corral luggage carts. We charmed teamsters to deliver our finished props to the Today Show with kid gloves! We threw Natalie in front of off duty cabs to catch a ride in the biting cold. 

Not to mention the countless phone calls and emails back and forth with producers and publicists to ensure everything went off without a hitch.

So maybe my segment "How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts" could also be dubbed, "2 weeks behind the scenes = 4 minutes on the air". A very exciting 4 minutes on the air, I might add ;) 
I have to thank Natalie and Ginny for a job well done, Nat's 5th time Ginny's 1st. As always I could not do what I do without my great staff, they are the best of the best! xo 
I also have to thank my fantastic family who through out the year put up with numerous photo shoots and people taking over their home so we could create the pages of a magazine or TV commercial, they rock! Next year should be interesting as the cameras start filming our lives?

Whew!So that's it my happy elves...my last post of the year.... I wish you all the warmest of Holidays and a Happy& Healthy New Year to all.

Be well.

Next year should be interesting as we embark on our big time TV adventure! I'll share as I go...and go as I share.

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