the cherry on top

If you know me it's no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with pillows. The billowy confection that gets tossed onto a lovely sofa, bed or chair. The last little touch that makes a room become inviting and soft and current.

I liken it to the perfect Louboutin pump that simply finishes off the perfect outfit. These tiny cushions, wrapped with needle and thread  over down ,whether wrapped in luxurious silk, or squishy felt, or even crisp cotton it is my sweet diversion , the compulsion of my design life.

I should really call this post, "ode to the pillow", but I fear I may be the only designer that holds the cushion in such high regard. As a stylist the pillow is the staple of my work. ( the most hard working of accessories) if I want to quickly change a room for the pages of a magazine, it often just involves the simple act of removing of a pillow, or adding one for color and contrast or mood.

great selection of pillows from Room & Board

Part of my love affair with this particular accessory is the ease in which it changes a room , instantly creating a different mood or atmosphere. This happens with merely a toss of the hand. It's the cherry on top of my sundae, you might say! I even manufactured them at one point in my career.

That's right, in another life I was a textile designer for a pillow manufacturer. I took a brief break from styling to work in manufacturing. To say I hated it is a understatement. However my love of pillows never waned.

This January decorating post is about using pillows to liven and freshen your rooms. a DAH!

I urge you to throw out any pillows you have had longer than 5 years. They are done, besides being full of an advanced colony of dust mites. I suspect that they have seen better days. With the least expense it is easiest way to update a room . I do it everyday in my job, why not do it in real life decorating as well. So toss the pillows people!

The #3January Giveaway!
In the spirit of January's decor giveaways another spectacular company, Room & Board  a company I have been and continue to work with has offered the lucky winner a Galbraith and Paul pillow, of your choice , no less. That's so cool. Here's how to enter the drawing. Leave a comment in the comment box, your comment is your entry to win. No need to leave a long comment. I will draw the winner at random. Drawing will be on January 30th 2011. Good luck!