January..starting a new reel in your home, style it frame x frame

Artwork can consist of a fabulous mirror and great ceramic plates, as long as it is well collected!
Just a headboard is not always enough, think outside the box, be creative.

Artwork can make a warm space warmer. Bedrooms are the best place to assemble great framed artwork
Always and everyday for me...Life is like a moving picture .. I work with photography... day after day, and frame after frame.

My job is to analyze every inch of a room, every inch in a photograph, the images that appear in a magazine need to be edited and perfect. So it would be natural that my home would reflect this. 
One of the props that I most like bringing to a photo shoot, would probably be fine art. Framed art can change a room, the entire mood +  style and even the essence of the room, in fact if I myself want to change up the design and feel of one of my own rooms, I usually will bring new art into the room, or reconfigure the art I already own.

Whether is is a random collection of art pieces, or a well thought out configuration. Fine art always gives me a thrill and adds just the change up I need each and every time.

To all my design geeks and peeps, January  is the perfect month to reanalyze what's up with the art work in your house.

Here are a few tips to make the process a breeze.

1. Decide on a focal wall and make a statement. This can be an entrance or foyer, Anchor a wall with a desk, credenza, or table, even a great bench. Collect a few pieces of art from around the house. Lay the collection on the floor in front of the piece of furniture to balance the configuration of artwork, once you are pleased by the configuration on the floor, start hanging the pieces of art on the wall.

2. Make sure that the artwork is properly lit. Art lights are available, but I always prefer a light from the ceiling aimed at the center of the painting, ( always put a dimmer on lights)

3. Make sure scale is proper for the room, nothing looks stranger than a bunch of tiny framed pieces in a large scale space, go for a large piece and this will anchor the room and be pleasing to the eye.
this art configuration is too busy and out of scale, all the artwork is to small for this space
One great oversized piece can make an emotional statement in the foyer or the front door. Think about graphic pieces.

4. Have the right tools, make sure that you have all the right tools, proper picture hanging nails, or varied weights and sizes. Hammer, and picture wire, and a tape measure. Pencil for marking the wall, Spackle and touch up paint.

I LOVE a shelf of framed photographs, In fact one of my favorite wall treatments. Collected and easy to assemble, a quick way to update the look of artwork in your living room.

this is Kate Spade's home, this artwork is hung well and it is showcases the collection in a well edited manner

this is the proper way to hang many small pieces, the scale is right with the desk and lamp.

A large scale art piece is always a quick and great statement~ think framed piece of wall paper. the 2 chairs flanking the piece is flawless.

The #1January Giveaway!

One of the fantastic companies I worked with last year was art.com, this company  truly has a 
commitment to fine art . The images are endless and there are choices for everyone's taste and budget.  One thing for sure is that all the artwork offered is high quality.
So this week's "start of the new year with new decor giveaway" is the gift of fineart from art.com.  art.com will give the winner of the drawing 100 dollars towards a piece of fineart...cool huh?
The winner will be announced next week.
Leaving a comment is your entry to win. Winner will be picked randomly so leaving a brief hello is enough. 

Thanks to art.com.