TODD SELBY [ so i might have a bit of a crush]

although i could probably be his mommy..well not quite. ok older sister then, i may have a bit of a crush, a creative one anyway. we attended a show at our favorite gallery jackson fineart last week to see the selby exhibit, and not only did we buy a ton o' signed books. we bought a fantastic photograph of marilyn monroe's sleeping pill bottle, dated 1957 prescribed by "Dr. Finger" love it!!! (some of you might not know i am married to a hand surgeon.) how apropos. we are hanging it above our bed, funny or ironic you decide.

todd was cute when i told him were we decided to hang this piece over our bed, he was very honored and kinda flipped out that's where it would end up, he even giggled. loved it.
todd gave an artists talk on saturday at the gallery, the room was filled and many members of the crowd were rather well known photographers in town (a lot i work with) i think they were trying to figure out how todd selby became so famous and in demand in 2 years from blogging his brains out, especially as an economics/latin studies major. wtf? clever guy. he has figured out how to work the web. so how does a guy make it on the "scene" with such speed especially when he started off in such an eclectic way???  well of course it's a given he is a great photographer, but it's all about marketing and a specific point of view... with great connections/friendships to kick off your career,  and killer timing..i am pretty sure todd has all these things buttoned up. ( i would bet he had a rather impressive contacts list before he ever thought to pick up a camera) however that said, there is still no substitute for hard work and passion the 2 most important ingredients in the mix.

here's a great quote from a recent interview:

Before you became a photographer, you worked as "as a translator and Tijuana tour guide to the International Brotherhood of Machinists, a researcher into the California strawberry industry, a Costa Rican cartographer, a consultant on political corruption to a Mexican Senator, an art director at a venture capital firm, an exotic flower wholesaler, a Japanese clothing designer, and a vermicomposting entrepreneur." How does being a professional photographer compare to your past gigs? 

Todd: Good question, my job right now is by far the best yet. I get to travel the world, meet really interesting people, go to their homes and snoop through their things. What could be better?

from my brief encounter with todd selby, here's what i gleaned...he is talented no doubt, has a point of view (a great one) + oodles of personal style. he's straight, i met his adorable girlfriend who could not be nicer, or more supportive they seem like a great team, which is lovely to witness. they both mingle in a crowd with ease which is a prerequisite to the job of making people comfortable enough to allow you in to photograph their personal space not to mention photographing them in their space.( this much i know from my personal experience as a stylist.) he's a man with a vision, current + edgy and he's not so edgy , just a guy with a camera that's aimed at the thing he's most interested in. people and the things they love or need to live with.

the exhibit is still on and I highly urge you to go and see it!  @ Jackson Fineart