~@@~ {crazy hipster/nerdy glasses}

pretty pom pom and bow pin via ban-do ( a new fave site)

  The Girls with Glasses Show is so trendy and clever!

The situation has been getting out of hand lately in the hipster community with the proportion of the glasses to the face of the girl. Incidentally, there is even a  "The Pretty Girls With Nerdy Glasses" Appreciation Society.
{via Zippercut, and Mandy Ma, who is herself a pretty girl who sometimes wears glasses}

even my daughter is into the girls with glasses trend.
My husband has always loved girls in glasses and I've joined the" hipster" trend. A recent trip to NYC with my daughter for a Today Show appearance sparked an impulse to buy my latest pair. I am diggin' the look and wanted to share it today with you, before I run to my photo shoot this morning!

Have a great day and make it a "spectacle- ular" day xo

by the way for the ultimate hipster experience make sure to watch my new favorite show "Portlandia"