i dream of italy {every night}

photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

our beach club is super groovy very 1970's riviera vibe.

one of the streets behind our beach club a typical scene
the chefs pose at one of our fav restaurants on the sea

as you may know i spend the summer in italy with family and friends. the idea of summering there came to me about 15 years ago. every year while summering on the italian riviera with our kids, i would lie on the beach thinking [plotting] about how to buy a place here in my favorite spot on the sea.

when i got home about 10 summers ago , i vowed to learn italian. and i started by hiring a sweet roly poly italian man named vincenzo. he and i worked twice a week for 2 years on my italian. mind you learning another language as an adult is really tough, but i am a very determined lady, and somehow i thought if i learned the language, i could talk my husband into buying a place, my dream home in italy.

it worked. sort of. when we went to italy about 8 years ago we started looking at properties on the ligurian coast in earnest. about the same time i reconnected with an old design friend [an ex-pat], and once he found out we were looking to buy something, he became my partner in crime. he and i teamed up to find the perfect town and the perfect spot to call our own. it took about a year for us to stumble upon the place we call home. at some point i will write about that journey , because buying a property in italy for an american can be challenging at best... then a full on renovation is a completely crazy [that in itself is a book move over under the tuscan sun]. but it's safe to say that without my american/italian friend the dream would not have be as achievable for sure. [ F i am forever grateful XO]

now lucky me [+ family and friends] spend days there on the beach, drinking and eating, cooking and walking, touring and enjoying the beautiful views+ towns + the countryside.  i speak italian now {bastanza bene}, no one speaks english in our town, and if they do it's broken and lovely. i am known as la americana. i love the people in our town and all the friends i have made warm my heart and make my life richer.

nothing compares to the espresso anywhere in italy

all the ingredients are local and divine to cook with
it started as a dream and then a plot, and now a reality. my message: follow your heart, make a plan and plot your reality from your dreams.

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