{mission: extra closet space} I propose the open closet in your bedroom

bringing jewelry cleverly displayed into the bedroom is an easy way to clean out the clutter in your closet

Recently I was asked to put together a closet organizing story by one of the publications I work for.
As a home stylist I am noticing 3 specific trends in closet organization.

1. Showcasing clothes and shoes and accessories and jewelry in a collected and edited manner
2. Down sizing + smaller homes = less closet space & again more editing.
3. Deconstructed organization , what do I mean by that? Take a look at these photos you will see what I mean, essentially it's bringing a decorative approach to your stuff.  Treating your things in a special and artistic way. Editing out the ordinary and highlighting the most loved and used items in your closet.

Showcase your most glamorous items like artwork on your bedroom wall

why not highlight your beloved shoe collection in a fantastic glass front cabinet right in your bedroom

*recently on a episode of the Nate Berkus , Michelle Adams  contributor from Lonny magazine pointed out that showcasing an edited collection of jewelery , shawls and scarves in your bedroom is a great way to use these pieces as decor as well as adding extra storage space in your bedroom from your closet.

being creative with hanging space can add just the right pop to your bedroom
this vignette in your in your bedroom is practical and decorative

The truth is that in Europe people have been using their bedrooms as their closets for centuries. In fact most homes in Europe do not even have closets, so clever solutions have been put in place in the bedroom forever. Taking a lesson from Europe just might be a lifesaver for your over crowed master bedroom closet. So move some of your closet into your bedroom.

Needless to say the magazine I pitched this idea to passed. So what the heck, I am posting it here for you today. Look at your bedroom and your closet and see if you can use your bedroom as extra storage, the move might just bring a new decor dimension as well as a much needed clean up to your closet.
After all finding extra closet space might just be right in front of you, no renovation required.

btw, this is what started me thinking about clever extra closet space...Rue Magazine featured "sea of shoes" blogger's bedroom

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