most asked question {how can I get into a magazine?}

this was a project i wanted to shoot for 2 years and finally convinced the homeowner to allow it

sometimes designers like jayme owner of armour and company are not convinced their home is ready to be featured

{everyone} wants to be featured in a magazine right? wrong I sometimes have to convince people that their space is feature worthy and they should share their design vision with the readers of the major magazines i work with. this was the case with jayme the owner of armour & co. i  literally had to ask her every time i saw her ( which was often since i prop style out of her store all the time) needless to say her taste is impeccable , oddly enough those are the folks that have the hardest time realizing that their space is awesome and worth sharing. go figure. i am always on the hunt. usually when i meet fab people it's the 2nd thing out of my mouth..."what's your home like"? annoying sometimes, but what's a stylist to do? but really really i am genuinely interested. can't help it it's part of my passion for design+ i am a voyeur in the most innocent sense of the word. i love stuff, and other peoples collections and sense of design fascinate me. the last person i asked was truly an interesting fellow todd selby, i asked if he has photographed or been photographed in his home. he said" no."

as a shelter magazine producer and stylist i am frequently approached by people in person or via email about putting their home into a publication. i work with many great magazines and we are always looking for anything from renovations or just clever storage ideas are always welcome. but great rooms with great stories always catch our eye. recently a designer and editor i work with did a blog post relating to this very subject. it was one of the most read posts on her blog "design indulgence"
so i thought i would share it here, "so you want to get published"

*{designers & design/diy bloggers} feel free to email me if you think that your project is worth sharing and /or pitching to a magazine. remember we need a "great story" not just pretty rooms {right now eco and budget minded stories are very popular. re-purposing and small scale homes and of course diy is always welcome.} send me a few scouting shots of the project or rooms. please keep the photos well edited, in other words no more that 3 photos please.
post any questions on the comments section of this post. ciao xo